Thought for Today

  Each year BDK shares a daily calendar of Buddhist thoughts paired with colorful images.

A spark of Buddhist wisdom for the 28th day of this month.

Faith softens our hard and selfish modes.



A Teaching a Day

As a simple approach to basic Buddha's teachings, BDK America has provided 31 short lessons. Each day we provide a new lesson so that busy people will only need a minute or two each day to learn more about Buddhism. 

The Teaching of Buddha - Day 28

"He abused me; he laughed at me; he struck me." As long as one thinks in this way, one's anger will continue.

bet356体育Anger can never be stilled by more angry thoughts. Only when anger and resentment are forgotten will that anger be stilled.Rain will leak into the house if the roof of a house is improperly made, or is in disrepair. In such a way, greed enters a mind that is improperly trained or uncontrolled.

bet356体育Idleness is the road to death; true diligence is the road of life. Those who are foolish are idle; those wise are diligent.

As an arrow-maker makes all effort to produce straight arrows, wise men seek to keep their minds on an undeviating course.

The mind that is forever active and easily disturbed is hard to control, but by controlling the mind one can find true peace.

bet356体育It is a man's own mind, rather than his enemy or foe, that lures him into evil ways.

The person who protects his mind from greed, anger and all evil ways is the one who will enjoy real and everlasting peace. 


All 31 lessons are collected in a small booklet called A Teaching a Day, as edited from our small hardcover book, The Teaching of Buddha. Both print items are available to order; you can also download a PDF of A Teaching a Day.



From the Dhammapada

We hope you enjoy today's excerpt from the Pali Dhammapada, an anthology of Buddhist ethical thoughts and precepts. With its simplicity of expression and poetic beauty, the Dhammapada has been a popular introduction to Buddhist wisdom through the centuries. 

bet356体育The Ignorant ... 

75. “This path leads to worldly gain, and that to nirvana.” Knowing thus, the disciples of the Buddha should not delight in worldly fame but should take to a life of solitude.
76. If one meets a person who points out his faults and scolds him, he should associate with such a wise person as though he were the revealer of great treasure; there will be much weal and no woe in serving such a person.